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Our Story

Why we do what we do.
The IDEA: to bring established offline businesses online with websites that are functional, are beautiful, clearly convey an impactful message and include a user-friendly platform for consumers to purchase goods and services.
The PLAN: to provide intelligent 360° web and ecommerce solutions with unparalleled excellence.

As a first time small business owner, I was frustrated by the unexpected prevalence of middlemen involved in seemingly every aspect of creating an online presence for my retail candy operation. Somewhat underfunded and not exactly enamored with the constant back-and-forth which never seemed to accomplish anything but pad my bill, I ultimately committed to the challenge of handling all ecommerce needs ‘in-house’. To say that I made dozens of costly mistakes along the way would be a gross understatement… but as it turns out, that time lost and dollars (unnecessarily) spent were by no means wasted – the result of all my blunders is a valuable skill set that enables me to efficiently and cost-effectively bring a small business online.

I eventually sold my candy business but continued to expand my web development skills to include responsive design, advanced back-end ecommerce (online store) integration and active social media management. I created rjhodges.com to leverage both my practical experience and my formal education in applied economics and management (Cornell, class of ’02) and because it allows me to do what I love: design, develop, innovate and grow small businesses. I made all the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

If you might be interested in partnering with me please provide some basic information here or email me directly at rj@rjhodges.com. Or just give me a call at 917.916.5600 – I’d love to hear about your business, its needs, your ideas, and your goals.

Ryan J. Hodges

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How We Add Value

We provide a full suite of 360° eCommerce Solutions.
The Big Picture

Project Exploration

[Re]Branding Ideation

Online Strategy

Front-end Design & Buildout

Back-end Development & Management

Long-term Partnership

The Details
Web & Print Design
Logistics [Re]Format
Mobile/Responsive Development
Social Media Integration
User Testing & Experience
Online/Offline Marketing
Content Management
System Scaling & Hosting
Long-term Maintenance

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